Mobility (overhead squat) path

Block 1



To improve mobility specific to the overhead squat


Visual documentation of the position

Each session has an explanation video, ensure you watch it to pick up important instructions, cues and scales.




Take a video or photo:

Angle 1 - From the side

Angle 2 - From the front 

Session 1-3


Repeat this session 3 times throughout the week 

A. Calf stretch

3 x 3 Rounds/side of -  :10 passive, :5 pressure, :5 easy 

This would look like 1:00 per side x 3 for a total of 3:00/side

B. Couch stretch

3 x 1:00 /side 

C. Broomstick pass through

5x5 - pause :5 at end stretch each rep

D. Broomstick overhead squat

5x5 with slow tempo

Session 4-6


A. Ankle 

- Using DB handle as foam roller 

- 3 x :30 anticlockwise rotations + :30 clockwise rotations /side 

- Set 1 start towards the bottom of the calf, each set move higher up 

B. Hip

- Glute stretch against wall 

- 3 x 1:00/side 

C. Shoulder

3 Sets

- Wall stretch 1:00/side 

- 5 Wall sliders

D. Overhead squat 

Accumulate 2:00 in the bottom of your overhead squat 

Session 7-9


A. Ankle 

Knee over toe lean

:20/:40/:60 to each side (alternating sides)

B. Hip

Accumulate 2:00 in the bottom of your squat 

- Push knees out, hold onto goblet if wanted

C. Shoulder 

Door frame lat stretch 

3 x :30/side 

D. Overhead squat

5x5 Sotts press

- Heels on plates if needed for a more upright position 

Session 10-12


A. Ankle 

1:00 DB foam roller/side

1:00 Calf stretch/side

1:00 Ankle stretch/side

B. Hip 

2 Rounds

1:00 Couch stretch/side

1:00 Butterfly stretch

C. Shoulder 

3 Rounds

:30 Chest/side 

:30 Bench

D. Re-test overhead squat 


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