Bodybuilding path

Block 1



Upper body muscle growth

No Test

Each session has an explanation video, ensure you watch it to pick up important instructions, cues and scales.

Session 1


Arm session

5 Sets

AMRAP -1 DBL handed DB bicep curl 

AMRAP -1 DB overhead tricep extension

Rest as needed between sets

Session 2


Shoulder session

A. 4 Sets

AMRAP -1 DB strict press/side

12-20 Backpack upright row 

Rest as needed between sets

B. 3 Sets

12-20 lateral raise

12-20 rear delt fly 

Rest as needed between sets

Session 3


Push/pull session

A. 4 Sets

AMRAP Push ups

AMRAP DBL arm DB floor press

Rest 1:00

AMRAP-1 Single arm DB row/side 

Rest 1:00 

Session 4


Arm session

A. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

DB bicep curl 

Box/bench dip 

Session 5


Shoulder session 

A.  4 Sets

Seated Z press - AMRAP-1/side 

Upright DB row - 10-20 reps/side 

1-2:00 Rest between sets

Session 6


Push/Pull session 

A. 7:00 AMRAP 

5 Tempo push up (:5 pause in bottom position, just off the floor)

AMRAP DB gun walk 

B. 3 Sets

AMRAP-1 Single arm DB floor press/side

AMRAP -1 Single arm DB row/side 

Session 7


Arm Session 

Accumulate 100 DB bicep curl 

Every break - AMRAP dimond push up 

Rest :30

Continue until complete 100 reps 

Session 8


Shoulder Session

A. EMOM x 12:00

1) AMRAP-1 strict press (weaker arm)

2) AMRAP-1 strict press (stronger arm, match first arm reps)

3) Rest

B. 4 Sets

10 Lateral raises

10 Front raises 

Rest 1:00

Session 9


Push/pull Session 

A. 2 Sets 

Push up AMRAP-1 all back to back

Hard variation

Moderation variation

Easy variation 

(Rest 3:00)

B. 4 Sets

Single arm DB row/side (high)

(Rest 1-1:30)

Notes: watch video for row technique

Session 10


Arm session

3 Sets

DB bicep curl 21's

AMRAP-1 DB overhead tricep extension 

Session 11


Shoulder session 

4 Sets

AMRAP-1 Seated DB arnold press/side

12-20 Back pack high pull (:1 pause at top)

Session 12


Push/pull session 

Accumulate 50 reps of complete

Push up + 2 renegade row

25 reps/side


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