Gymnastic path



To improve the fundamental gymnastic positions


Max Hanging Lsit hold

Max Chin over bar hold

Max Handstand hold (free or agaisnt wall)

Each session has an explanation video, ensure you watch it to pick up important instructions, cues and scales.

Session 1


Test session

A. Max hanging Lsit 

B. Max chin over bar/chest to bar hold

C. Max Handstand hold


A. Scale to 1 leg bent or both legs bent

B. Pick a chin or chest depending on ability

C. If you have been practising for a while try freestanding, if not use the wall

Session 2


A. 3 Sets

10 Lseated double leg raises

10 Lseated single leg raises (per leg, 20 movements)

:10-:20 Handstand hold (against wall)

Rest as needed between sets

B. 3 Sets

1 Strict pull up + :5 chin over bar hold

1 Strict chin up (palms facing) + :5 chin over bar hold

Rest as needed between sets


Scale B. by starting at the top of the hold and not doing a strict pull up first

Session 3


A. 3 Sets

10 Shoulder tap + 1 Wall walk

AMRAP -1 Knees raised leg extension

B. 3 Sets

AMRAP-1 Strict pull up


Scale Strict pull ups to 3 negative reps as slow as possible

Session 4


A. 4 Sets

2 Strict TTB

4 Strict leg raises

(2:00 Rest)

Notes: Scale TTB to bringing legs as high as possible, scale leg raises to a knee to chest with a leg extension for the negative

B. EMOM x 10:00

1) Strict pull up 50% of max set (accumulate if needed)

2) :10-:20 Wall handstand hold or 3 attempts of a free standing handstand 

Notes: Scale pull ups to 3 negative pull ups 

Session 5


A. 4 Sets

10-20 Straight leg raises

10 Side plank knee raises/side 

B. 4 Sets

:30 AMRAP pull up *as slowly as possible

(1:00 Rest)

Session 6


A. 5 Sets

1:00 Handstand hold practice (wall or freestanding)

1:00 Kip swing practice

1:00 Rest

Session 7


A. 4 Sets

10-20 Feet elevated shoulder taps

10-20 Alternating K2C

(1:30 Rest)

B. 5:00 AMRAP

Ascend the ladder, restart from 1 when can no complete the set unbroken 


Strict pull up 

Session 8


A. Every 3:00 x 4 Sets

AMRAP-1 Chin over bar hold with knees raised to chest


In rest period 3 x :5-:10 handstand hold practice (free or against the wall)

B. 3 Sets

10 Pike to chest tucks

10 Flutter kicks

:10 Hollow hold 

(1:00 Rest)

Session 9


A. 4 Sets (progression from session 4)

3 Strict TTB 

6 Straight leg raises 

(Rest 1-2:00)

B. 4 Sets

:10-:20 Handstand hold (free or against wall)

AMRAP -1 Strict chest to bar pull up

Notes: Pull as high as possible if you cannot do chest to bar

Session 10


A. 4 Sets

10 Leg raise (with DB)

20 Russian twist (with DB)

30 Flutter kicks


B. 3 Sets

AMRAP-1 Strict pull up

10-20 Feet elevated shoulder tap

Session 11


A. 3 Sets

AMRAP-1 Strict TTB

Rest :30

AMRAP Strict leg raise

Rest 2:00

B. Every :30 x 10 (5:00)

A) Chin over bar hold (:5-:15)

B) Handstand hold (practice)

Session 12


Re-test Session 1

A. Max hanging Lsit 

B. Max chin over bar/chest to bar hold

C. Max Handstand hold


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