Pull up path



To increase max reps for strict pull ups


Max rep strict pull up

Session 1 and retest Session 12

Each session has an explanation video, ensure you watch it to pick up important instructions, cues and scales.

Block 1 discussion 

Taken from 'Across the box' podcast - episode 1.

Session 1



Max Strict pull up test – as many as possible unbroken

Notes: ensure to keep the highest quality and go to complete failure

Rest to full recovery (3:00-5:00)



3 x Max chin over bar hold

Rest fully between sets (2:00-3:00)

Session 2



EMOM x 10:00

25% Strict pull up reps from test

Notes: If this is easy, good. Make it harder by focusing on the highest quality and including a slow tempo

If you hit less than 4 reps on your initial max rep test then do 1 rep for as long as possible. Once you can no longer complete a good quality rep finish the EMOM with 1 slow negative rep

Session 3


AMRAP-1 on all sets

A. 2 sets - wide grip strict pull up

B. 2 sets - strict chin up (palms facing you)

C. 2 sets - DB single arm row/side

Notes: Rest as needed between sets

Session 4



Every 2:00 x 5

50% Reps from max set 

Notes: If easy, good. Focus on a slower tempo 

Session 5



4 sets

AMRAP-1 with Tempo - 33X3


Accumulate 2:00 K2C hang

Session 6



EMOM x 10:00

25% + 1 Rep

Notes: Add 1 rep from the EMOM on session 2

(If you cannot add 1 rep, add 1 negative rep)

Session 7



Every :90 x 5

50% Reps

Progression from session 4

Notes: If you struggle to maintain unbroken sets, accumulate the number as fast as possible

Session 8



3 Sets - Wide grip

AMRAP -1 or 3 reps starting from top

:5 Chin over bar hold + :5 negative



3 Sets – normal grip

AMRAP -1 or 3 reps starting from top

:5 chin over bar hold +:5 negative


Notes for A & B: a minimum of 3 reps per set so mix full reps with negatives if needed


2 Sets – AMRAP -1

DB single arm row/side

Session 9



3 Sets – as fast as possible in as few sets as possible

Accumulate 200%

Rest 3:00

Session 10



EMOM x 10:00

25% (from initial test) + 2 rep

Session 11



1 Set 80-90%


EMOM x 9:00

1) 5 Tempo Scap pull up

2) :5-:15 wide grip chin over bar hold

3) :30 Scap swimmers

Session 12



Retest your max set of strict pull ups

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